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  • What is orthopaedic medicine about ?
  • Rules of referred pain 
  • shoulder : arthritis, diagnosis and treatment techniques 

You surely know the feeling :

  • you are “stuck” with some patients, the clinical image is not obvious and you would like to offer them a more efficient treatment ?
  • You have a lot of work, you are very busy and you don’t not enough time for your family…and building in extra time for quality continuing education is not easy either…

I can help you not only to become a more efficient therapist but also to enjoy more quality time with the ones you love !

Through this online Masterclass you will discover all you need to improve your diagnostic and therapeutic skills in musculoskeletal medicine, which bring you immediate success in your daily practice.

This is not an easy process, therefore

  • I will guide you personnally during one year each month we schedule a 30’ “live” coaching session in which you can share your clinical problems on orthopaedic medicine with me e.g. specific problems with patients or treatment strategy. 
  • In this way I can give you efficient help for immediate more success in daily practice and simultaneously I can evaluate your study process.

And, on top of that, you don’t have to leave your home ! 

The Masterclass learning platform is so much more than a platform just showing some techniques  and some “dry” scientific statistics…In fact, this online learning platform is the most extensive, practical and informative  online study tool when it comes to musculoskeletal medicine. 

  • You will discover and really understand different clinical images
  • You will analyse different pathologies and the relation between different clusters of positive and negative tests
  • You will determine an efficient treatment plan

More than 16 hours of practical film instruction in which we only focus on what really is useful and practical for you and brings you immediate more success and satisfaction in your daily clinical practice  :

  • Specific history of the patient
  • Inspection
  • Functional examination
  • Palpation
  • Diagnosis and differential diagnosis
  • Treatment strategy
  • Peripheral and spinal manipulation
  • Deep transverse friction massage
  • Injection and infiltration


Besides the basics, this course covers the diagnostic and therapeutic strategies of the upper-lower extremity and the spine, including the “Test your knowledge” section.

After viewing the entire course, you will receive an online test questionnaire.  On passing this test, you will receive, the “Masterclass” course certificate.

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